What is M3online?
M3online is an on-demand library of quality yoga classes from the M3Yoga instructors you love. It allows you to practice any time from anywhere. We currently have hundreds different classes to choose from with more added all the time.

I’m an M3Yoga studio monthly/annual/semester member, can I use M3online?
If you have an unlimited membership, yes! Limited members like Mini members will need to purchase access.

Is there a limit to how many M3online classes I can take?
Nope! Take as many classes as you want as many times as you want.

I need to cancel my M3online membership. 
Aww, we’re sad to see you go! To cancel, login to your account and go to your dashboard. Click Billing -> Change Plan -> Cancel Membership. If you signed up using Mindbody before this new platform, our team will then cancel your M3online autopay in that system. (Note: Canceling your M3online membership is NOT the same as canceling your studio or virtual only membership. To do that, use the form at m3yoga.com/cancel)

I have another question. 
Email us at team@m3yoga.com! We’re happy to answer and help you get start with M3online.